With many memories of the golfer coming to play at his local golf course over the years, RB Golf Club & Resort quickly became his go-to golf course to play as he grew with the game of golf. A Decatur native, Golf Pro Dylan Rottner is leading the pack on all things golf. With solid roots in north Texas, his opportunities stemmed up and over into international territories. Playing for the World University Games, Dylan played against Olympic athletes, betting against over 100 different countries.


With the sport being so predominate in his life, Dylan’s love for the game brought him back to the place he learned how to play golf. Showcasing his skills with each hit of the ball and sinking in the hole. 


A good game starts with confidence, as Dylan explains – “attitude is everything.” 


If his lucky socks don’t work or if he forgets to wear blue, his favorite color, Dylan claims that in order to beat him, one better not give him his ingredients to a perfect storm – Dr. Pepper straight from the bar and a Snickers. With this powerful duo – Dylan claims that he is able to come back at any game, especially when he’s on the high side of his game. “It’s a mental thing. If you want to beat me, don’t give me a Snickers. Hide them in the clubhouse” Dylan jokily announced before one of the regular tee times. 


With such grace in the game, the Golf Pro offers amazing opportunities for young golfers, veterans of the game or just plainly, people who hack the ball. To learn more about golf lessons, please visit our Golf Lessons tab.