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The 5 Most Common Questions About the Best Ice Chest

We hope you’ll agree when we say:

It is not interesting to live an adventurous lifestyle without one decent cooler.

The most crucial things to know when choosing the best ice chest are as follows:

What are the most popular types of coolers?

- Hard-sided coolers: These products are most appropriate for harsh situations and usually hold ice longer. This type’s essential features are high insulation performance as well as sturdy design.

- Soft-Sided coolers: Their crucial feature is the lightweight construction, which makes it extraordinarily easy to carry around. As opposed to their hard-sided counterparts, they deliver little value with regards to insulation. These are excellent for short use, such as a day trip to the beach, rather than camping adventures.

What about their sizes?

Coolers have a variety of sizes and shapes. Below are some pro tips to get an idea of the cooler size best-suited for your needs.

- Small cooler: Tend to range from 20 to 25 quarts. It should be a fantastic option for a day trip.

- Medium cooler: Typically, between 25 and 45 quarts. It is the best fit for your short camping trips of, at most, three days.

- Large cooler: Being between 40 to 75 quarts, they are most suitable for use on a weeklong camping trip. It is spacious enough to fit supplies that will cater to the needs of your family and friends.

Rotomolded coolers: What is the technology behind them?

These are rotationally molded coolers, which are mainly known for excellent insulation performance, maintaining the freshness of your beverages and food for a long time. According to cooler reviews, many of these devices are constructed to withstand a hard beating and still function.

Built from rotationally molded plastic, the procedure uses an even rubber distribution in the surrounding area of the device, offering a specific thick wall.

Note that an essential criterion for selecting rotomolded coolers is the ability to keep out wild and dangerous animals, such as grizzly bears. While some remarkable grizzly bear-resistant coolers are available, these days, their price tag is steep.

Some reliable companies that manufacture the most impressive rotomolded coolers are Igloo, Pelican, Engel and Yeti.

Should I buy an ice chest?

Undoubtedly, coolers are useful for keeping drinks ice cold and preserving perishable foods. So yes, bring a hard cooler along with you if your adventure is more than one day.

Meanwhile, in situations where you are savoring a steak with your buddies at the backyard or spending a day at the beach, soft models will do.

How much should I invest in these products?

Well, there are multiple factors to consider:

To begin with, your budget. Consider the amount you are willing to pay for The Top 10 List On Thekinglive.

For those on a tight budget, think about inexpensive units. That being said, you had better ask yourself if entry level products can provide you with what you truly need.

Styrofoam coolers should be your choice if you prefer something disposable after use.

What are the main features to look out for when selecting a cooler?

Have you been scouring the market to discover an adorable, alluring icebox with fantastic aesthetics? Congratulations!

But wait, selecting an ice chest is more than what meets your eye. We suggest you go for function over beauty. Its durability should be one of the most significant things to consider in your coolers.

1. Insulation ability

Be extra careful with this step as it will show how well the icebox works, which is: maintaining the coolness of your beverages and foods.

High-end units (Rotomolded Coolers) can preserve the contents at safe temperatures for more days compared to traditional products.

Fishers and hunters should look for the top-quality models. Because they usually pack fresh meat, they should pay extra attention to insulation performance.

For regular models, insulation performance is not that high, but they can satisfy the needs of consumers with only a box that is capable of keeping their stuff fresh for one or two days.

2. The method of carrying

Have you lost the count of how many times you have tried moving a cooler full of drinks and ice?

Then you must have figured out how crucial comfort is. Go for a carrying method that will not just provide you with comfort, but offers a stress-free experience as you move the device around.

- Lid Handles: Fixed on the top, this single handle is particularly great for an individual to transport, especially when you stuff items in your best ice chest cooler.

- Side Handles: These conventional handles deliver the liberty to either carry alone or get help from someone else.

- Shoulder Strap: It is usually attached to your soft ice chest bags. Its light weight allows you to throw the unit over your shoulders.

- Wheels: Many people favor a wheeled cooler, particularly when it is large. The fact is, making use of wheels to move substantial ice chests is more convenient than carrying or lifting.

3. External Storage

Often typical with soft-sided devices, external storage offers a space where you can stores accessories and keep them away from the main chilled compartment.

Decent external storage is usually readily accessible without requiring you to open the lid. For the best, the outer compartments are away from the insulated area.

What are the most popular ice chests on the market?

1. The Best Heavy Duty Cooler: Elite Coolers with Wheels by Pelican


- Comfortable Handles

- Good Insulation

- Durable rotomolded construction

- Easy to drain


- The materials make it pretty heavy

- The cooler comes with a large exterior

2. The Best Model with Speakers: Coolest Cooler in Blue Moon - by Coolest Cooler


- It is compact enough to fit anywhere in your car or home

- Has innovative features

- A definite looker


- Has multiple features, which makes the construction over-engineered

- Hinges and handles are not durable

- Heavy, even when empty

3. The Best Coolers for Keeping Ice: ORCA Cooler


- The insulation is high quality and can keep your stuff cool for seven days

- The cooler is constructed from durable materials

- Easy to handle


- Price may not attract customers on a budget

- Its lid snap may shut if not attended to

4. The Best Value Cooler: ENG65 High-Performance Cooler - by ENGEL


- Laudable ice performance

- Comes in various sizes

- Durable parts


- Costly

5. The Best Budget Ice Chest: 100-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Heavy-Duty Cooler with Wheels - by Coleman


- Has one anti-rust drain plug

- Has wheels for mobility

- Inexpensive for a large cooler

- Able to keep ice for as many as five days


- Fragile parts

- The wheels do not last long

6. The Best Rated Cooler: Tundra 35 Cooler - by YETI


- Seals remarkably well and holds ice for about one week

- Stellar build quality and appealing aesthetics

- Has a robust insulated lid


- The handles tend to obstruct the drain plug

- Expensive

7. The Most Portable and Outstanding Soft-Sided Cooler: Hopper TWO Portable Cooler - by YETI


- Compact and durable

- Easy to clean

- Has sturdy hydro-lock zippers

- Has a sleek and alluring design

- Comes with a hitch point grid for fastening accessories — for instance, bottle openers


- The zipper placement feels cumbersome to several users

- The cost is likely a cause for concern

8. The Best Camping Cooler: Polar Cooler (120-Quart) - by Igloo


- Great at keeping ice frozen

- Offers ample storage space

- The cooler is not expensive


- Fragile parts

Wrapping it up

The current market for ice chests is quite saturated, so finding your perfect model is not simple. Yet, you do not need to worry as our ice chest reviews and other answers to related inquiries have that taken care of.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as flawless. Just choose the one that best suits your demands and you will surely be fine. Do not forget to check out other more fantastic content on coolers at Best Ice Cooler Reviews - Top Best Ice Chests And Cooler.


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