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Get The Entire Game Of Thrones Series For $100—That’s $264 Off

If you’re willing to overlook the dismal final season, Game of Thrones makanan khas bali is one of the finest TV shows of all time. (Include the final season, and it’s probably somewhere in the top 500.) Want to own the whole eight-season run? Right now Vudu is making it practical to buy the whole thing, dropping the price from the usual $364 down to just $100. Get it while you can.

Win A Free Segway F30 Electric Kickscooter

You can win a Segway scooter by entering this giveaway.


Motorized scooters are great for commuting, getting around town and or just playing—and we want you to get in on the fun. Forbes Vetted has teamed up with Wellbots to give away one Segway F30 Kickscooter (worth about $580) to a lucky winner. This electric scooter features an extended 18.6-mile range, a top speed of 15 .5 mph and a Bluetooth lock to keep your scooter safe. It conveniently unlocks via your phone. Want a chance to win? Just enter the giveaway.

Save Up to 65% On A Language-Learning Subscription At Babbel

Learning a language is made a lot easier with an online language learning app like Babbel. It offers courses in more than a dozen languages, and right now you can save up to 65% when you get started slotgacor with a subscription. The best deal is a two-year program for $117 all-in (down from $335), but you can also try Babbel for a year for 60% off ($67) or for six months for half off ($42).

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