Lakeview Tavern & Grill is now open for Dine-In Service and To-Go Orders

Tuesday - Saturday: 12:00PM - 7:00PM

Sunday: 10:00AM - 3:00PM

Closed Monday

Reservations not required, but appreciated

Call for To-Go Orders: 940-575-2225 ext 2




Chef Tina Bible is known as much for her charming character as she is for her love for creating inspired dishes that have garnered and earned many affirmations amongst customers.

With a need and passion to cook, Tina is in her element with knives in each hand, gliding through food with her skilled cutting memory. With a calm demeanor not found in most chefs, Tinas drive comes from a place that fuels her willpower. Striving to be the best, her mantra guides her as she lives by a code that you must always know your worth.


Though she has been into food all her life, as most of us are, this time in her life she claims – it was meant to be. 


Since Tina was able to hold a spoon, she was always in the kitchen. Raised to take care of everyone around her first, and secondarily herself.

“I give them the heart that way.”



With culinary training from the Culinary School of Fort Worth, a prestigious, yet, nationally accredited culinary institution that pursues excellence, Tina’s love for unique cuisine grew transforming her cookery visions of food. 


Come taste the experience of hand-crafted fishes prepared by Tina and her skilled team overlooking the beautiful Bridgeport Lake and RB Golf Club & Resort rolling greens.